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Revised schedule of visits to Britain


The Endeavour Replica - revised schedule of visits to Britain

The Endeavour Replica is currently in Fremantle, Western Australia, from where it is due, on 15th October, to leave for South Africa, St Helena, Ascension, Tenerife and Madeira, arriving at London Tower Bridge on 25 March, 1997.

The schedule for the seven month tour around the British Isles has changed, following a visit by the ship’s captain, Chris Blake. London (Docklands), Middlesbrough, Aberdeen and Southampton have been dropped. Boston, Inverness, Brighton and St Malo have been added.

The revised schedule of visits is as follows:

Greenwich 28 March 13 April
Great Yarmouth 19 April 28 April
Boston 2 May 5 May
Whitby 10 May 18 May
Edinburgh/Leith 24 May 1 June
Inverness 7 June 15 June
Greenock 28 June 6 July
Liverpool 11 July 20 July
Fishguard 26 July 3 August
Falmouth 9 August 17 August
Plymouth 23 August 31 August
Weymouth 6 September 9 September
Brighton 13 September 21 September
St. Helier, Jersey 27 September 5 October
St. Malo, France 7 October 12 October


The Endeavour is due to depart for the USA from Plymouth (not Portsmouth) sometime in October.

The Editor would be interested in hearing from anyone about activities reported as being planned at any of these ports. He does not receive all the national and local papers!

Ian Boreham

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1348, volume 19, number 4 (1996).

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