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Pont Boieldieu, Rouen, France



Bust of James Cook

On the bridge are ten busts of great past navigators, including James Cook.
The bridge is located between the Pont Jeanne d’Arc and the Pont Pierre-Corneille.

In 1999 the sculptor Jean Marc de Pas accepted the challenge of creating a clay bust every day during the Rouen “Armada”, when a gathering of countless different boats is held in this maritime city.
The organisers sought sponsors to remake these busts in bronze, and these were presented to the Town Hall on 20th March 2003.
The bust of James Cook was financed by Ressorts Masselin, a major metallurgical enterprise in the region.
The ten bronze casts were placed on a bridge, built for cyclists and pedestrians, part of a site which opened on 1st December 2007.
The ten busts are of Jean Francois de la Pérouse, Jacques Cartier, James Cook, Amérigo Vespucci, Cavelier de la Salle, Jean de Béthencourt, Fernando Magellan, Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Vasco de Gama.


James COOK

1728 - 1779

GPS Coordinates:  49.437223, 1.091204

Cook’s Log, page 37, vol. 31, no. 2 (2008)
Website:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Saupique#Gallery_of_images-34_Rue_Pasquier

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