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The Endeavour Replica - On the east coast of Australia

The Endeavour Replica continued her tour of the eastern coast of Australia, celebrating the original’s voyage 225 years earlier, by calling at Cairns for a few days on 30th June, 1995.

She was followed by speed boats, sailboats, tourist dive and reef boats and jet skis as she made her way up Trinity Inlet. Earlier in the day she had tacked around Fitzroy Island a couple of times before sailing into Cairns. She berthed at Trinity Wharf, and a civic reception was held for the ship’s 48-person crew.

The Endeavour’s previous port of call was Mackay. During the voyage north she also called into Zoe Bay, Hichinbrook Island and Port Upstart.

After leaving Cairns, the Endeavour sailed up to the mouth of the Endeavour River, being unable to sail into Cooktown because of the unsuitable depth of the channel.

Instead, she anchored out to sea, about 250 metres off Cooktown, with only those able to pay $200 able to go aboard. A reception was held at the Sovereign Hotel for Captain Chris Blake and John Longley.

Due to the high winds and seas the rest of the crew were unable to make it ashore. Also attending was John Singleton, a major sponsor of the Replica, who reminisced about when he used to work at the Endeavour Inn.

Due to the weather, the Saturday sail had to be cancelled. On Sunday 68 people boarded the ship for a day’s sailing.

The Annual Re-enactment of Cook’s Landing in June was repeated. It so impressed John Longley that there was talk of the possibility of beaching her at a future Re-enactment. Costumes and props used in the event cost more than $50,000.

Calls to have the river dredged had been made over many years. Many fishing boats can get in only at high tide, and the town is losing an estimated 100 tourists a week.

From information supplied by Carol McKinna and Arthur Cant

1995-1997 World Tour

After arriving back in Sydney on 20th October there were six one-day sails for the general public before the Endeavour Replica went on exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour.

At the time of writing she was due to leave on 26th November for the 1230 nautical mile trip to New Zealand.

She should arrive at Auckland on 9th December.

She then leaves for a voyage around the North Island on 3rd January, arriving at Opua on the 5th January, at Tauranga on the 12th January, at Gisborne on the 19th January, at Napier on the 26th January, and at Wellington on 2nd February.

Her voyage round the South Island should comprise visits to Picton on the 12th February, Lyttleton on the 17th February, Timaru on the 26th February, Dunedin on 1st March, and Bluff on the 8th March. Her 1000 nautical mile trip back to Australia should bring her to Hobart on 9th April, from where she goes on to Melbourne on the 13th April, Geelong on the 18th April, Robe on the 24th April, Victor Harbour on the 26th April, Adelaide on the 27th April, Albany on 17th May and Fremantle on 25th May.

Here, she will over-winter, departing on 4th October 1996 for South Africa and the UK, where she is due to arrive sometime in 1997.

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1239, volume 19, number 1 (1996).

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