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Models to do with Captain Cook


Since I have been a member of the CCSU I have not heard or seen any article on models of Cook's ships. I am sure some of our members have got models of ships or of Cook himself. Let's hear about them.

I myself have got a model of the Endeavour Bark. The kit I bought was made by the British firm of Airfix. In plastic, the kit was quite easy to make and paint, and is not a bad model when made up. There is also a short history of the Endeavour in the kit.

It can be made with full sails or without. There is a sailor in the lookout on the mast, as well as three others on deck and a fine figure of Captain Cook himself. If care is taken with the model, then it will grace any sideboard and look good.

Whether it is still on sale I do not know, but it is well worth looking out for. One last thought: the box has a nice picture of the Bark in full sail showing Capt. Cook on deck, the round hull well showing.

I wondered the other day how many other models there were, so I went to Greenwich to the "Maritime Models" shop. These models are models, and in stock they had two of the Endeavour, both in wood. One was made by "Artesania Latina". It is 1/60 scale, length 770 mm, depth 680 mm, width overall 160 mm. If you know how to model in wood this is for you. The price of the kit (wait for it) is £92.00.

The other one is made by "Corel": length 750 mm, depth 650 mm. Also a very nice model when made up. Not quite as high a price at £69.00.

Also while in the shop I came across a mini kit by "Artesania Latina" in 1/50 scale. A very nice model of a "long boat" of H.M.S. Endeavour. The longboat was not merely kept as a lifeboat, but also was sent ashore at uninhabited islands for water and fresh provisions. It also took Cook to his death. The model itself is all in wood, the keel in plywood, the hull and planking in walnut, the mast and oars in bokapi, eyebolts in brass, ships bucket in boxwood. There are also cotton sails and rigging lines. All in all a great model. One to grace your Cook shelf. The price is £2.95, which is not bad.

I was also wondering if an "Action Man" doll could be made into a Captain Cook doll?

Peter Gardner

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 399, volume 8, number 4 (1985).

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