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John Mollonex (17??-1778)


John Mollonex sailed on Cook’s Second Voyage in Adventure under Captain Tobias Furneaux.  He joined on 29 March, 1772, as sergeant of marines from Four Company of the Chatham Division.  He is not mentioned in the ship's log nor in anyone’s journal.


Mollonex died in 1778.  His will was proven on 28 January, 1779, having been written in 1772, before sailing in Adventure.1  In the will, he left the bulk of his estate to his “father James Mollonex, Gardner in the Town of Whithaven Cumberland”. 

A person called John Mollonex married Elinor Woodthorp on 6 November, 1774, at Saint Bees near Whitehaven in Cumberland.  That date is after the date on which Mollonex wrote his will, which may explain why Elinor does not feature in his will.  It is also after the arrival back in Britain of Adventure, and Mollonex may have celebrated his safe return by marrying.

John Robson


1.PROB 11/1049.  It is held at The National Archives (TNA). 

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 30, volume 39, number 4 (2016).

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