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James Ward - more about his family tomb


Spurred on by the reports of Brenda Paulding1 and John Robson2, my wife, Liz, and I ventured to see the Ward family tomb at St Michael's and All Saints Church, Berechurch Hall Road, Colchester, Essex.

We took the accompanying photos and transcribed the four sides of the tomb [see below], though some of the lettering was so unclear we were unable to read everything.

Click any image below for a larger version

A leafy lane takes you to

St Michael's Church

The Ward family tomb lies between

the church and some shrubbery

The inscriptions on the faces are hard to read

with the north face being the easiest

Transcription on the four faces of the family tomb

South Face: Here lieth the body of
Who died on the 2nd day of February 1818
Aged 86 years
Also the remains of
Wife of the aforesaid Ralph ward esq
Who departed this life on the 2nd day of November 1823
Aged 81 years
Here also rests the body of
........... .......... ........ .........
.......... ........ ......... ........
Aged 76 years
Also ADA CECELIA LANCE daughter of the above
Born 18 November 1866 died 4th October 1954
East Face: Here likewise are deposited the remains of
ELIZABETH daughter of the said Ralph and Ann Ward and wife of
Admiral Nicolas Tomlinson
Who departed this life July 19th 1839, age 54 years.
Here also is deposited the body of
Vice Admiral of the White
Who died March 6th 1847, aged 82 years.
Here also lies the body of
Third son of the above
Who died July 25th 1892, age 83 years.
And now Lord what is ...........
................................even in thee
North Face: Here lieth the body of
Lieutenant of His Majesties Navy
Who sailed round the world with Captain Cook.
Son of Ralph Ward esq, and Ann his wife,
And grandson of
Knox Ward esq,
Garter King of Arms.
He died on the 28th day of September 1806
Aged 45 years.
West Face: Here also lie the remains of
MARIA WARD Eldest daughter of the said Ralph and Ann Ward
Who died March 16th 1850 aged 88 years
Here also lie the remains of
Third daughter of
Admiral Nicolas Tomlinson and Elizabeth his wife
Who died on the 12 August 1894
There is therefore ..... ...... ......

Church visited, photographs and transcriptions made on Saturday 15th September 2007 by Liz & Ken Hermon.

Ken Hermon


  1. Cook's Log, page 14, vol. 30, no. 2 (2007)
  2. Cook's Log, page 24, vol. 29, no. 2 (2006)

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 22, volume 31, number 3 (2008).

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