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James Flood (1753-1822?)


James Flood sailed on Cook’s Third Voyage in Discovery under Captain Charles Clerke.  Flood joined the ship on 6 May, 1776, as an able-bodied seaman (AB).1  He was hurt when a cartridge caught fire during a routine exercising of great guns and small arms on 4 June, 1780.2 


James Flood was born in Honiton, Devon, about 1753.  A James Flood was baptised at Honiton on 14 October, 1750, the son of Henry and Susannah Flood.  However, Flood was a common name in Honiton.  A James Flood was buried at Greenwich on 19 April, 1822, aged 60­an inmate of Greenwich Hospital.  It may be the same James Flood.


John Robson


1.Was number 83 on the ship’s muster roll.

2.Cook’s Log, page 44, vol. 28, no. 2 (2005). 


Originally published in Cook's Log, page 25, volume 39, number 3 (2016).

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