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Illustrated Catalogue. Australia, Captain Cook Bicentenary 2009


Carr 1983Illustrated Catalogue. Australia, Captain Cook Bicentenary
Published in 2009 by Bilby Stamps & Covers.

For any collector of the 1970 Captain Cook Bicentenary and Anpex postal stamps and philatelic material, this is an essential catalogue to have in your library. In the forward of this catalogue the complier writes, "I believe this catalogue is 95% complete. New examples will continue to show up although there should be plenty here to keep most collectors busy".

In the catalogue's introduction it details the design on the stamps, all the technical information about the stamps, and notes on the Design and Production by Robert Ingpen.

The catalogue illustrates issue dates and First Day Covers (FDCs) by the producers where known. It covers the stamps issued, including the flaws, miniature sheets and variations.

The FDCs with one 5c stamp, have five boxes in the description that you can tick if you wish to note you have the five individual stamps on individual FDCs.

There are illustrations of the Re-Enactment Voyage covers and covers of the ships that participated in the re-enactment of the Cook Bicentenary Voyage Celebrations.

The Australian National Philatelic Exhibition, Sydney (Anpex 1970) is described, including all of the known covers and miniature sheets issued then.

The final pages of this 106-page catalogue, describes various special event covers, commercial covers and ephemera.

This catalogue will certainly keep the hunt alive for the collector who wishes to build on an existing collection.

Reviewer: Ted Tierney

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 43 volume 33, number 2(2010).

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