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Tablet inside church

In the vestibule of the church of Holy Trinity, Clapham Common, is a tablet which records a bequest given by Elizabeth Cook to support the poor widows of the parish.

Elizabeth Cook, wife of Captain James Cook moved from Mile End Old Town to Clapham about 1787.  Clapham was then a rural village, and her house still survives, it has been extensively modified, and shops added at the front, in 2011 it was described as ‘very rundown’.
At the local church of Holy Trinity on the north side of Clapham Common, in the vestibule, is a tablet recording a bequest she made to support the parish women.

MRS ELIZH COOK of Clapham (Widow of the celebrated Navigator Captn James Cook) left the Interest of £700 New three and a half p’ C’ Annuities to be distributed equally among Six poor widows domiciled in this Parish who are for that purpose to be nominated by the Rector for the time being.

GPS Coordinates:  51.463321,  -0133738

Cook’s Log, page 33, vol. 34, no. 1, (2011)

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