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Henry Roberts Lived Where in Shoreham?


In a recent article about Henry Roberts1 it was stated he was born in 1757. I believe he was actually born in 1756 and baptised in 1757.

I am not too sure that the blue plaque was placed on the right house on 13th July, 2000.2 If he lived in Church Street, Shoreham, it was before he left home and since his father had purchased the next door house, no.16, to accommodate his growing family he could be said to have lived in both! In due course the father sold no.16 to his son-in-law Lieutenant W.J. Stephens. I think the plaque should really have been placed on St. Mary's House (then known as Brigstocks or Cupola House) where Henry Roberts seems to have lived when he returned to Shoreham from Chatham Place, Blackfriars Bridge. It was evidently here that he was host to the Duke of Clarence in 1789.3

I wonder if they were former shipmates?

Michael Norman


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Originally published in Cook's Log, page 29, volume 32, number 4 (2009).

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