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Captain Cook Statue, Victoria, British Columbia


Carr 1983Far as a Man may go; Captain Cook's New Zealand
Shirley Maddock and Don Whyte. Collins, 1969.
Shirley Maddock and Don Whyte have written a book about Cook's landfalls in New Zealand comparing their present state with what Cook found. It is not a description of one journey that was made, but a serious of travels made over a long period, either on deliberate expeditions to the Cook country or because other reasons took them to relevant places. They were mostly land journeys.
There are lots of illustrations but no index. The text is a more even mix of the modern journey (and the people encountered along the way) and Cook's events.
Reviewer: Ian Boreham
Originally published in Cook's Log, page 444, volume 9, number 2 (1986).

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