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Family Trees of people associated with James Cook


Genealogical information has been assembled to produce family trees of many people associated with James Cook.
Births, marriages and deaths indexes, census records and wills have been used when found.
Where possible, the information has been developed to show the ancestry and parentage of the men as well as their children and descendants. This enables us to know more about their backgrounds and suggest how they came to sail on Cook’s ships. It also allows us follow families down to the present day and confirm or deny provenances for artifacts, journals, etc., supposedly associated with Cook’s voyages that might surface at auctions.

Famous people occasionally appear: Isaac Newton in John Davall Burr’s tree; Thomas Bowdler and Aldous Huxley in James Trevenen’s; Jeremy Bentham in his cousin Gregory Bentham’s; and Stamford Raffles in that of William Hollamby.

For many men, only small pieces of information have been traced. It has not always been possible to verify everything so mistakes and gaps may occur. Any extra information or any corrections to existing records are most welcome.

Name Association Link to tree
Alexander Buchan Cook's First Voyage
Alexander, Lord Colvill Early career
Alexander Dewar Cook's Second Voyage
Alexander Home Cook's Third Voyage
Alexander Hood Cook's Second Voyage
Alexander Mouat Cook's Third Voyage
Andrew Gloag Cook's Second Voyage
Benjamin Bechinoe Early career
Benjamin Drawwater Cook's Second Voyage
Bowles Mitchell Cook's Second Voyage
Charles Clerke Cook's First Voyage
Charles Green Cook's First Voyage
Charles Loggie Cook's Second Voyage
Charles Saunders Early career
David Samwell Cook's Third Voyage
Edward Columbine Early career
Edward Riou Cook's Third Voyage
Francis Haite Cook's First Voyage
George Dixon Cook's Third Voyage
George Gilpin Cook's Second Voyage
George Jackson Early career
George Morey Cook's Second Voyage
Gregory Bentham Cook's Third Voyage
Hamilton Gore Early career
Henry Jeffs Cook's First Voyage
Henry Roberts Cook's Second Voyage
Henry Smock Cook's Second Voyage
Hugh Palliser Early career
Isaac Manley Cook's First Voyage
James Burney Cook's Second Voyage
James Cleveley Cook's Third Voyage
James Colnett Cook's Second Voyage
James King Cook's Third Voyage
James Magra Cook's First Voyage
James Norman Early career
James Patten Cook's Second Voyage
James Snagg Cook's Third Voyage
James Trevenen Cook's Third Voyage
James Ward Cook's Third Voyage
John Bootie Cook's First Voyage
John Davall Burr Cook's Second Voyage
John Elliott Cook's Second Voyage
John Gore Cook's First Voyage
John Hatley Cook's Third Voyage
John Henry Martin Cook's Third Voyage
John Jefferson Early life
John Lambrecht Cook's Second Voyage
John Law Cook's Third Voyage
John Ledyard Cook's Third Voyage
John Milligen Early career
John Richard Falconar Cook's Second Voyage
John Rickman Cook's Third Voyage
John Simcoe Early career
John Walker Early life
John Watts Cook's Third Voyage
John Webber Cook's Third Voyage
John Wheelock Early career
John Wilby Cook's Second Voyage
John Woodworth Cook's First Voyage
Joseph Banks Cook's First Voyage
Joseph Billings Cook's Third Voyage
Joseph Hamar Early career
Joseph Shank Cook's Second Voyage
Love Constable Cook's Second Voyage
Michael Lane Early career
Molesworth Phillips Cook's Third Voyage
Nathaniel Bateman Early career
Nathaniel Portlock Cook's Third Voyage
Peter Fannin Cook's Second Voyage
Philip Stephens Early career
Rawlin Champernowne Early career
Richard Grindall Cook's Second Voyage
Richard Hergest Cook's Second Voyage
Richard Pickersgill Cook's First Voyage
Richard Rollett Cook's First Voyage
Robert Davies Cook's Third Voyage
Robert Mackie Cook's Second Voyage
Robert Palliser Cooper Cook's Second Voyage
Robert Stainsby Cook's First Voyage
Stephen Forwood Cook's First Voyage
Sydney Parkinson Cook's First Voyage
Thomas Bisset Early career
Thomas Edgar Cook's Third Voyage
Thomas Skottowe Early life
Thomas Willis Cook's Second Voyage
Thomas Whitton Andrews Cook's Second Voyage
Tobias Furneaux Cook's Second Voyage
Walter Griffith Early career
William Anderson Cook's Second Voyage
William Bayly Cook's Second Voyage
William Bligh Cook's Third Voyage
William Charlton Cook's Third Voyage
William Ellis Cook's Third Voyage
William Griffin Cook's Third Voyage
William Harvey Cook's First Voyage
William Hillsey Cook's Third Voyage
William Hodges Cook's Second Voyage
William Hollamby Cook's Third Voyage
William Lanyon Cook's Second Voyage
William Parker Early career
William Peckover Cook's First Voyage
William Perry Cook's First Voyage
William Plaisted Medd Cook's Third Voyage
William Sanderson Early life
William Shuttleworth Holden Cook's Third Voyage
William Wales Cook's Second Voyage
Zachary Hicks Cook's First Voyage

















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Sharron, you will find the Fleck Family tree at this website, run by the Captain Cook Society.
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Looking for Margaret Fleck family tree
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