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Captain Cook Statue

Sited on the outside of the building in Liverpool City Centre, along with statues of Mercator, Columbus, Galileo, Drake and Raleigh.
The statues were 7 feet high.

In 1939 these 6 statues had overlooked the Liverpool Exchange Flags and the Town Hall for 75 years, which means they were placed there in 1864.  It was reported that they would survive the demolition of the Exchange Buildings, and the Parks and Gardens Committee of Liverpool would give them a new home in Stanley Park, where they would be placed 30 feet apart at the side of the terrace fronting the palm house.
The sculptor was W.F. Woodington.
These statues were presented to Liverpool Corporation by Liverpool Exchange Company.
1949 reported that during the demolition of the building every effort would be made to preserve four of the 6 statues.
Presumed to have been destroyed.



GPS Coordinates:  53.409244, -2.993081

Cook’s Log, page 738, vol. 13, no. 3, (1990)
Liverpool Evening Express, Friday 24th March 1939. p.2.

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