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Endeavour. A photographic journey Polden, Richard. 1998


Carr 1983 Endeavour. A photographic journey
By Richard Polden, published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press in 1998 (ISBN 1 86368 227 9).
136 pages of stunning photographs taken from the Endeavour's departure from Fremantle to her arrival in London at Tower Bridge on the afternoon of 25 March 1997. As the title suggests the text is limited to crew's comments and various quotes from Cook and other periodicals at the time. There are two pages of background information to the original voyage, a page of specification of the replica and a page detailing the crew.
Having sailed on her the photographs taken under way have a certain appeal, as I can recognise most of the crew. There is also a very good picture of the Queen on her tour, which is a reminder that I was in her guard of honour of guides as she boarded. The book was a gift but I would imagine it is excellent value and a worthy addition to any bookshelf.
Reviewer: Chris Neumann
Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1682, volume 22, number 4 (1999).

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