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Early life and as a merchant seaman (1728-1755)



Oct. 27 Sun. Born at Marton (N. Riding, Yorkshire), now Cleveland.
Nov. 3 Sun. Baptised at The Parish Church of St. Cuthbert, Marton.


      Family moved to nearby Parish of Ormesby.


      Family returned to Marton.


Nov.-Dec.     Family removed to Aireyholme Farm, Great Ayton.


      Goes to Postgate’s School, Great Ayton.


      Becomes “shop-boy” to Mr. William Sanderson, grocer and haberdasher at Staithes.


      Becomes apprentice to Mr. John Walker, Whitby. Lodges with his master.


Sep. 29 Tue. Servant aboard “Freelove” (collier); Tyne and London.
Dec. 17 Thu. Discharged at Whitby.


Feb. 26 Fri. Servant aboard “Freelove” (collier); Tyne and London.
Apr. 26 Fri. Discharged at Whitby. Works on rigging of new ship “Three Brothers”.
Jun. 14 Tue. Servant aboard “Three Brothers” (horse transport).
Oct. 14 Fri. Returns to Whitby. Sails again, same day, on “Three Brothers” (troop transport) as servant to Liverpool, Dublin and Middleburg (Holland).


Apr. 20 Thu. Returns to Whitby. Sails again, same day, in “Three Brothers”(transport) as Seaman to Norway.
Sep. 26 Tue. Returns to Whitby.
  27 Wed. Sails from Whitby as Seaman in “Three Brothers” (transport).
Dec. 8 Fri. Returns to Whitby. Spends Christmas at Ayton.


Feb. 18 Thu. Sails from Whitby as Seaman in “The Mary of Whitby” (transport) to the Baltic(?).
Oct. 8 Mon. Discharged at London. Makes way to Yorkshire. (May possibly have sailed in “The Hopewell” during this time.)


Feb. 19 Tue. Sails from Whitby as Seaman in “Three Brothers” (transport).
Jul. 30 Tue. Returns to Whitby.
  31 Wed. Sails from Whitby as Seaman in “Friendship” (collier).
Oct. 28 Mon. Discharged at Whitby.
Nov. 21 Thu. Sails from Whitby as Seaman in “Friendship” (collier).


Jan. 7 Fri. Discharged at Whitby.
Mar. 30 Thu. Sails from Whitby as Mate in “Friendship” (collier)
Nov. 10 Fri. Returns to Whitby.


Feb. 2 Fri. Sails from Whitby as Mate in “Friendship” (collier).


Feb. 4 Mon. Returns to Whitby.
Apr. 2 Tue. Sails from Whitby as Mate in “Friendship” (collier).
Jul. 25 Thu. Returns to Shields.
Aug. 9 Tue. Sails from Whitby as Mate in “Friendship” (collier).
Dec. 18 Wed. Returns to Whitby.


Feb. 15 Sat. Sails from Whitby as Mate in “Friendship” (collier).
Jun. 14 Sat. Discharges himself at London.
  17 Tue. Joins Royal Navy at Wapping on H.M.S. Eagle.

Approximate length of voyages

Whitby to Tyne 2 days.
Loading, etc. 7 days.
Tyne to London 7-12 days.
Unloading, etc. 10 days.
London to Tyne 7 days.


Updated: August 1997

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Mayda, At the bottom of this webpage it says "Updated: August 1997", which is how recent the research was.
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Is this newly revised historical documentation.
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Dear Hope, yes the parents of James Cook are known, and an extensive family tree has been compiled. The Cook family tree is available on-line at http://www.winthrop.dk/cooktree.html
As none of Captain Cook's children survived to have children of their own, James Cook has no direct descendants.
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Does anyone know who the parents are to James Cook? I am doing my family tree and happen to coe across this story and I can't help to wonder if he is a relative.
By Hope Millan Cook on 3/25/2015 5:33:31 PM Like:1 DisLike:1
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just logged on to this site seems, to be very well laid out. I always say to friends and any one who cares to listen, if you want a real hero,forget Cassius Clay,Ronaldo, Messi, Winston Churchill etc; Read captain James Cooks life story and you will change your minds.
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