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Stained Glass Window

The window is made up of a set of 9 panels (47cm x 60cm) at the Cranbrook School, Bellevue Hill, Sydney.
In the centre panel is the first sighting of a kangaroo.  the other widows portray aspects of the Endeavour’s voyage along Australia’s East Coast. 
Captain Cook appears in 4 of the panels, one showing him going ashore at Botany Bay.  The Endeavour  is featured in two of the windows.

The school, originally a stately home, was the property of James White, who bought it in 1873.  James White was an admirer of James Cook.  It was White who commissioned the Sydney firm of Lyon and Cottier to make the window.
Installed in 1874.  John Lamb Lyon  (1835-1916), who was largely responsible for the practical work at the Sydney firm was a talented glazier and portrait painter.
Cranbrook was the home of NSW Governors from 1901 until 1917, it then became the Cranbrook School in 1918, it remains a leading Sydney Independent Boys School.


GPS Coordinates:  -33.881010,  151.252530  

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