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CCS in New Zealand 2017


A meeting will take place during the weekend of Saturday to Sunday, 28th/29th October, 2017, at Uxbridge Centre, Howick, Auckland.
Howick is an attractive seaside suburb, about 40 minutes from the International airport and city centre.


The meeting on Saturday, 28th October, will comprise various presentations (see below), starting at 9:00 am.
A dinner will take place in the evening.
On Sunday morning there will be a visit to Auckland’s Maritime Museum.


Saturday presentations
“Re-connecting the young with Captain Cook’s story and importance” by Tessa Duder.“A Travel Guide to Cook’s NZ” by Graeme Lay.
“Cook’s Ark – the animals Cook introduced to NZ, including the famous Arapawa goat” by Alison Sutherland.
“Scurvy – myths and facts” by Dr Nigel Rankin.


For further information, contact John Steele

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Hi John, we are members of the Devonport Yacht Club, and Woollacott Association, and are interested in your meeting on Saturday/Sunday, 28/29 October and would like to register our interest to attend. My dad is also very interested in Captain Cook and I believe that I had a relative who journeyed with Cooks expedition. Can you please send further information. Thanks, Sally Teesdale, Jeff Cook
By Sally Teesdale on 9/1/2017 11:46:10 AM Like:0 DisLike:0

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