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Answers for Quiz 7


Over the years the CCS has held several quizzes through its journal, Cook's Log.
These are reproduced for you on our web site, so you can take part and test your knowledge of Captain Cook, even if the prizes have long ago been claimed!

Here is Quiz 7.
The questions originally appeared in 2004 (Vol. 27, no. 2, page 3) and the answers the following year (Vol. 28, no. 2, page 3).
Questions to this quiz

The Answers

Item Country Year Value Stated ship Correction
Antigua 1979 $2.5 Resolution  
St. Helena 1979 3p Discovery  
Dominica 1979 60c Discovery  
Ascension 1979 3p Resolution  
Solomon Islands 1979 8c Discovery  
Tonga 1988 42s Resolution  
South Georgia 1979 3p Resolution  
Niue 1983 70c Adventure  
Bulgaria 1990 60 Resolution  
Gilberts 1979 10c Endeavour  
Great Britain 1968 1s9d Endeavour  
New Zealand 1969 6c Endeavour  
Norfolk Island 1970 10c Endeavour  
Samoa 1970 30c Endeavour  
Korea, North 1988 80k   Pembroke
St. Helena 1988 13p Resolution  
Norfolk Island 1974 10c Resolution  
Togo 1979 70f Resolution  
South Georgia 1975 8p Resolution  
Br Ant Terr 1973 0.5p Resolution  


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