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Andrew Gloag (1741-1xxx)


Andrew Gloag sailed on Cook’s Second Voyage.  He was born in Cramond, Edinburgh, date unknown.  He was baptised on 19 June, 1741.  He was the son of John Gloag and Janet (née Short).


Andrew Gloag joined HMS Dolphin as an able bodied sailor (AB) on 30 June, 1766,1 under Captain Samuel Wallis for a voyage to the Pacific.  Tobias Furneaux, who later commanded HMS Adventure, was a lieutenant in Dolphin


Gloag joined Raleigh on 18 December, 1771, serving as a gunner under Furneaux.  Gloag was one of nine men who followed Furneaux from Dolphin for Cook’s Second Voyage.  In the Commission and Warrant Book at the War Office are the following entries.

Warrant, dated 13th Decem'r, 1771, for—Andrew Gloag, of good  testimony, who has passed an examination, to be gunner of the Raleigh, sloop
Warrant, dated 25th Decem'r, 1771, for—Andrew Gloag, gunner of the Raleigh, sloop, to be in the Adventure, sloop


Raleigh was renamed Adventure on 25 December, 1771.2  She departed with Resolution from Plymouth on 13 July, 1772.  She returned without Resolution to England on 14 July, 1774.  Gloag then served aboard HMS Jason, and petitioned the Earl of Sandwich for promotion.3


Gloag moved to HMS Ruby, continuing as a gunner, in 1781.  Admiralty records show.

Andrew Gloag, gunner... Warrants or commissions for service at this rank in the Royal Navy.4 


On 11 August, 1774, a man named Andrew Gloag married Mary Cable at St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey.  He is probably the man who had recently returned in Adventure.  A son, Joseph Thomas, died in 1789 aged 18 months and Mary Gloag was buried in 1797 aged 44.  Little else is known about this family.


John Robson


  1. Being number 74 on the muster.
  2. Cook’s Log, page 1350, vol. 19, no. 4 (1996). 
  3. The Sandwich papers in the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, state
    Person By whom recommended For what position Case in support How provided for
    Gloag of the Adventure Captain Furneaux A larger ship    
    Andrew Gloag of the Jason Himself A ship bearing a servant Has been two voyages to the South Seas & has a large family Appointed to the Ruby
  4. The National Archives (TNA).   ADM 6/22/240.   1781.

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 37, volume 39, number 3 (2016).

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