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An online talk on 31 March about Tupaia, the Polynesian navigator, who assisted Captain Cook


A talk about Tupaia, the Polynesian priest and navigator, who assisted Cook's navigation around the Society islands.
Dr. Philippa Hellawell, Eighteenth Century Records specialist, will delve into the journals of the Endeavour voyage, and consider
Tupaia, his navigational skills, and his relationship with Captain Cook and the Polynesian natives.

This event is presented online.
It lasts approximately one hour, including an audience Q&A

Date and tfrne: Fri, 31 Mar 2023, 14:00 BST (British Summer Time)

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James, If you live in the US and wish to donate money to the Captain Cook Society, then email
asking how to do so.
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This is my first time seeing your captain Cook society. I am interested in learning more.
I will need to learn how to add funds to send as a donation. I never use the internet with funds yet. I will need to ask a friend to help me.
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Debbie, Following the link to find out the cost of joining.
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What is the cost for this?

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