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Ambrose Hills (1728-1774)


Ambrose Hills sailed on Cook’s Second Voyage in Adventure under Captain Tobias Furneaux.  He joined on 12 February, 1772, as sailmaker from HMS Tweed.  


His appointment followed a request from Tobias Furneaux to the Navy Board for a sailmaker.

Captain Furneaux, the Adventure, Woolwich.  There is no Master Sailmaker on the sloop and asks for Ambrose Hills to be appointed as he is recommended as qualified.1



Hills died on 5 August, 1774, less than a month after Adventure returned to Britain.  He was 46 years old.  He was born in 1728, the son of George and Dorothy Hills.  He married Rachel Hester in 1747, and together they had two sons.


John Robson



1.ADM 106/1209/188.  11 February, 1772.  It is held at The National Archives (TNA). 

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 34, volume 40, number 3 (2017).

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I am the son of a Robert Ambrose Hills who was born in 133 Bells Marsh Road Gorlestone U D, his mother was Mary Ann Hills formerly Paxton and his father was Robert Ambrose Hills a fisherman. Unfortunately both his parents died when he and his sister were very young and were brought up in Scotland. I was led to believe it was at Conon bridge in Ross Shire, however there seemed to be quite a connection with a lady by the name of Jean Lambert from Strathmiglo in Fife.My father married Nelly Longmuir Cooper on the 1st of July 1933. I was born 18/02/1943.sPpgn9
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