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The Endeavour Replica - Across the Tasman Sea

In March of this year the Endeavour Replica attempted to sail directly to Hobart from New Zealand, but struck similar weather to that experienced by the original ship in 1770. It was driven NE having eventually to shelter at Eden on Two Fold Bay, not far north of Point Hicks. This is a very busy fishing port for ocean going trawlers netting many fish species including migrating Tuna. The Endeavour suffered some damage to rigging and large seas injured one "working" passenger on deck. However, the captain was pleased with the ship's performance in heavy seas and high winds.

I believe there is a lot of wood carving and copper work on the Replica, both of a very skilful quality. The copper work was done by a German-born tradesman Leopold Scrayan and the wood work by Jenny Scrayan (his daughter?).

John Lawler

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1303, volume 19, number 3 (1996).

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Jenny Scrayan was a very talented wood carver teaching in Perth in the 1990's, she and several of her students including Ray Fernie completed the carving on the replica prior to the launch
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