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A Visit to Botany Bay, 3 July 2005


These photographs are taken within the national park surrounding the area of the landing, which was made in 1770, just inside the entrance to the bay on the south shore. To drive out there take the Captain Cook Drive out to Kurnell. At the entrance to the park a vehicle day pass costs A$7.00. The park is open from 1000 to 1630 at weekends, and from 1100 to 1500 on weekdays.

Jonathan Parkinson


Memorial obelisk

There are two plaques on the obelisk. One with a landing date of 29th April and one with the date 28th April

The author next to the Joseph Banks memorial which lies a little distance from the Cook memorial but also faces the water

The plaque with the correct date

Plaque with the incorrect date plus the author

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The wooden sign on the left points towards "landing place". The clearly artificial addition of the stone on top of the natural rock, in this instance surrounded by fisherman’s gear, apparently is “the spot”. That is an oil jetty in the background.

Plaque placed by a stream from which the Endeavour’s water casks were filled.


Originally published in Cook's Log, page 49, volume 29, number 1 (2006).

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