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A table of Cook's Voyages In Whitby Ships

Freelove Apprentice 29.9.1747 17.12.1747 Collier
Freelove Apprentice 26.2.1746 22.4.1748 Collier
Three Brothers Apprentice 14.6.1748 14.10.1748 Collier
Three Brothers Apprentice 14.10.1748 20.4.1749 Troopship to Holland & Ireland
Three Brothers Seaman 20.4.1749 26.9.1749 Norway
Three Brothers Seaman 27.9.1749 8.12.1749 Collier?
Mary of Whitby Seaman 8.2.1750 5.12.1750 The Baltic
Three Brothers Seaman 19.2.1751 30.7.1751 Collier
Friendship Seaman 31.7.1751 8.1.1752 Collier
Friendship Mate 30.3.1752 10.11.1752 Collier
Friendship Mate 2.2.1753. 4.2.1754 Collier
Friendship Mate 2.4.1754 28.7.1754 Collier
Friendship Mate 9.8.1754 19.12.1754 Collier
Friendship Mate 15.2.1755 14.6.1755 Collier

On 17th. June 1755 Cook joined the Royal Navy at Wapping.

Clifford E. Thornton, "Captain Cook in Cleveland", Middlesbrough Council, 1978.
C. Preston, "Captain James Cook R.N., F.R.S.", Whitby Literary Society, 1973.


Note. As pointed out on page 42 of the first reference above, J.C. Beaglehole in his "Life" (1974) made an error in dating Cook's first voyage above by ascribing it to the wrong year, overlooking the fact that the year commenced in March, rather than January - before the reform of the calendar.


Paul Capper

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 303, volume 7, number 4 (1984).

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Philip, apologies for my delay in replying.
You are correct in saying that your ancestor and Cook served on the same ship, but they did not serve together. The muster of the Mary shows that Cook served for most of the sailing season, from 8 February to the 5th October 1750. But the Master had to take on extra crew to make one more trip to London, and George Robinson was one of the sailors taken on for that last voyage. He enrolled in London on 30 November, and embarked at Whitby on 5th December 1750.
By Cliff Thornton on 12/10/2021 4:38:17 PM Like:0 DisLike:0
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II believe James Cook was seaman on the Mary the same time as my 3x Great grandfather George Robinson aged 17 from Whitby 8/2/1750-5/12/1750 Whitby to London
By Philip Robinson on 12/2/2021 1:46:16 AM Like:0 DisLike:0
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I also am intrigued by cook naming islands with Cumbrian names .william brougham monkhouse his surgeon and Jonathan were from Carlisle Cumbria as was a previous surgeon known to cook John crosier surgeon of hms dolphin and William crosier surgeons second mate on cooks ship Pembroke were also born at dalston Carlisle.
By Julie Thornton on 2/22/2017 3:43:44 AM Like:0 DisLike:0
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Good luck with your studies Ron. What is needed is a directory of those locations and geographical features that were named by Cook, with an explanation of why he named them so. I am puzzled by your reference to Cumbrian names, as Cook spent his boyhood in North Yorkshire and never lived in Cumbria?
By Cliff Thornton on 5/23/2014 1:25:58 PM Like:0 DisLike:0
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I will be visiting Whitby & Great Ayton early June seeking information on Capt Cook's journeys along the eastern Australian coast. He named many islands adjacent to the Qld coast all with Cumbrian names. In retirement I would like to achieve a degree in history majoring on the journeys of Capt Cook if possible. My family originally lived I Great Ayton until late 19th century when they moved to Durham.
By Ron Benson on 5/21/2014 4:45:02 AM Like:0 DisLike:0

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