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2003 UK Trip Remembered - More photos (illustrated with photographs)


The Endeavour Replica - 2003 UK Trip Remembered

Here are some more items from my collection of Endeavour photos (see Cook’s Log, page 49, vol. 27, no. 2 (2004)). They were taken in July 2003, off Flamborough Head, on the Yorkshire coast, as she was sailing north towards Scarborough and Whitby. I struggle sometimes to take photos on Endeavour because there’s too much to fit into the camera. I tend to take it out, shoot off a whole roll of film, and then put it away. Other people would call this snapping. The photos below almost join up to give a panorama of the view looking forward from as far astern as I could get. We’re actually sailing at over seven knots, a day before we were becalmed. The two men on the wheel are father and son. Norman, the dad, was blinded during service in the Navy.

Richard Baker


Aloft on the Replica Aloft on the Replica
Aloft on the Replica Aloft on the Replica
Aloft on the Replica Aloft on the Replica

The photos below are of Endeavour at Whitby the same month. Some beautiful ones of her sailing into the sunset by my friend Alf Outhwaite really need colour to do them justice.

Aerial view of Whitby harbour Sailing down the river
Passing the Abbey Stern view of the Replica
Out at sea A beautiful sunset

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 24, volume 27, number 4 (2004).

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