These are perhaps the most notable dates in James Cook's life.
1728: Born at Marton (near modern Middlesbrough), Yorkshire, Britain.
1736: Family moves a few miles to Great Ayton, Yorkshire. He attends the village school.
1744: He moves several miles to the coastal village of Staithes and is apprenticed to a shop keeper.
1746: He moves south to Whitby, where he works for Captain John Walker on his ships.
1755: Joins the Royal Navy as an ordinary seaman
1759: Takes part in surveying the St. Lawrence River in Canada
1760-67: Surveys the islands of Newfoundland, St. Pierre and Miquelon off the east coast of Canada
1768-71: First Voyage round the world in the ship Endeavour
1772-75: Second Voyage round the world in the ships Resolution and Adventure
1776-80: Third Voyage round the world in the ships Resolution and Discovery, completed without him
1779: Killed at Hawaii

A comprehensive list has been compiled by the late Paul Capper, and was published in Cook's Log between 1985 and 1996.

A New Zealand list has been compiled by John Mitchell.

A version of the Cook story has been written by Richard Aulie.

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