January - March 1773

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Cliff Thornton
Robert, I do not recall hearing of such an event, and I have checked Cook's journal for his time at Kealakekua Bay, and not found any record. If this event is supposed to have happened at somewhere other than Kealakekua please let me know and I will look further into it. It is not very likely that somebody jumped overboard as most 18th C sailors could not swim, not even Cook. Anybody who left the ship without the Captain's permission would have been flogged, and there are no records of such punishment being given in the days after Captain Cook's arrival in Kealakekua Bay.
Prof Robert subranni JD
Doing legal research on the crew member that jumped sure when he saw nude woman in kuala. I understand Captain cook did not punish him as the worn best him up badly Information for textbook being written Thanks. Prof Subranni