William Harvey (1752-1807)

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Cliff Thornton
Hi Sue, I am afraid that no further information has come to light about Wm Harvey since the above was published in 2011. Wm Harvey was one of few seamen who served under Captain Cook on all three of his voyages of exploration. John Robson, the author of the above article has also researched a family tree for Wm Harvey which you might find of interest. You will find it on this website at https://www.captaincooksociety.com/Portals/ccs/Files/Documents/FamilyTrees/Family%20Tree%20of%20Harvey,%20William.pdf Good Luck with your research.
Sue Hardy nee Wines
I am attepting to trace family history, rumour has it that a William Harvey served with Captain cook. The story said that he was a member of the Harvey wine merchant family and that he had been disowned for want of a better word, for marrying a Polynesian girl. No one is left of the family to confurm this. My Grandmothers name was Miriam Harvey.