William Bligh (1754-1817)

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1754 to 1762 is 8 years, not 12. "Bligh was born at Tinten Manor near St. Tudy in Cornwall on 9 September, 1754, the only son of Francis and Jane Bligh. His father was a customs officer at Plymouth, and it was his mother’s second marriage. William was an only child. In 1762, he was listed as a captain’s personal servant, aged twelve, in HMS Monmouth."
Cliff Thornton
Hi Gary, yes it looks like a schoolboy error doesn't it. But John Robson has not made a mathematical miscalculation, he is reporting the age of young Bligh at it appears in the ship's muster. Quite often the ages of members of the crew were incorrectly recorded by accident, but it may well have been deliberate in the case of Wm Bligh, to make it more justifiable for the boy to have been the Captain's servant.