George Dixon (1748-1795)

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Cliff Thornton
Julie, thank you for your interesting enquiry. I have had a look at the ancestry of the Dixon family of Cockfield and they are deeply rooted in County Durham. I have not come across any links with Cumberland and Westmorland which is that part of the UK where George Dixon the ship's captain came from. So their similar surnames appears to be a coincidence. I have also heard about the supposed visit of Captain Cook to Garden House, isn't it just based upon the initials JC being found scratched on some garden ornament? I have not come across any evidence of Cook ever visiting Cockfield . But there are a number of other Dixons descended from Jeremiah Dixon of Cockfield, who have their place in history e.g. Waynmann Dixon (1844-1930) and the Great Pyramid, and his brother John Dixon who designed the metal cylinder in which Cleopatra's Needle was floated to the UK for erection in London.
Julie Allen
Hello, reading about this George Dixon makes me wonder if he could possibly be related to George and Jeremiah Dixon (Mason Dixon line fame)? I live in Garden House in Cockfield, County Durham, UK, which was built by a a George Dixon in the 1700s. I have read somewhere that Captain Cook was acquainted with the famous Dixon family and visited them at Garden House. I have a few books on Jeremiah Dixon and would be very interested to find out if there were any connections. Kind regards, Julie Allen.