Endeavour replica's Visit to Victoria, Vancouver

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Eric Earl
I was part of the 'nightwatch' crew from the Canadian Hydrographic Service, who did night watch on board the Endeavour in Victoria Harbour. Our presence allowed to the crew to sleep in hotels. I 'slept' in a rolling hammock tightly wound up, below deck. During my time above deck we had to prevent several drunks from coming aboard. I believe the contact person with the crew was Alan Smickersgill, who was our british import working in our office at the time. He has recently retired from St Johns and moved back to the UK. It was a fun night but no sleep. EE
Cliff Thornton
Thank you for sharing your memories Eric. This is exactly the sort of information that is never recorded in books, and it brings some colour and humour to the events that took place between the Endeavour's voyages.