A table of the crew of Cook's Three Voyages 1768-1779

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Cliff Thornton
Steven, thank you for your enquiry. If the date you give for David Williams marriage is correct and not a typo, then there is an easy explanation for his absence from the muster of Captain Cook's Resolution. Cook's voyages on Resolution were in the 1770s, one hundred years after your ancestor's marriage. Resolution was a popular name for the ships of the Royal Navy, and there have been many ships bearing that name, even into the 20th century.
Steven Mulvey
My ancestor David Williams of H.M.S.Resolution Bach,Portsmouth Hampshire England 09 January 1670. Married Mary Ballard.I believe on the ship. They were married at the church in Alverstoke Hampshire on the same day. I don't see his name on the list of the crew of the H.M.S. Resolution.Just wondering Steven Mulvey
Ian Boreham (Webmaster)
Mauli, None of Cook's crew remained on any Pacific Island during Cook's three voyages.
Aloha Ian, Do you know if any crew members on Cookʻs 3rd voyage remained in the Cook Islands?
Ian Boreham (webmaster)
Tony, James Wallis was born about 1743, and died aged 90 on 5 May 1833.
Tony Wallis
Are there any family background details available for James Wallis, carpenter on Cook’s 2nd voyage Resolution?