A table of Cook's Voyages In Whitby Ships

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Frank Tulic
When did Cook first board Endevour, and why did he not sail in a Navy ship on his first voyage.
Cliff Thornton
Hi Frank, thank you for your question. The Navy had purchased the Whitby collier "Earl of Pembroke" on 27 March 1768. On 7 April it was renamed as Endeavour. But it was not until 25th May that Cook received his commission to command the vessel. Two days later, on 27 May, Cook visited the Endeavour, lying in the Basin at the Naval Yard at Deptford. The collier ship was chosen for the expedition as it offered a large hold for carrying supplies, and its flat bottom meant that it could safely sit on a sandy shore when the tide went out. It was not as fast as a naval frigate, but speed was not required for the expedition. All three ships used by Cook in his three voyages of exploration, were ex-colliers, built at Whitby.