Elizabeth Cook, Her Will and Her Legatees: Part 2

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Wendy Wales
Charles, Your father's legacy provided me with a wealth of information on Elizabeth Batt's family. Without the publication 'Coal and Calico', the work on her will would have been much harder to research. The Smith genealogy has recently joined that of Captain James Cook's on the website captaincookfamilytree.com hosted by the Captain Cook Society.
Charles Riley
Thank you for your hard work on this. I'm a descendant of Isaac Smith (1753-1831) and my father Martin Riley provided much original material for "Coal and Calico". I have a photo of a drawing John Cragg did of his wife Ursula (1767-1802). On the reverse of the frame it says she was buried in Bunhill Fields. I might try and find the grave sometime.
Steve Weller
I have recently been given a pocket watch, the movement inside is engraved J Cragg Smith, Bunhill Row London. Can you tell me any more about the watchmaker? Thanks Steve
Wendy Wales
Steve, in answer to your query, I think you may have misinterpreted the signature on your watch, this will be "I Cragg Smith", Isaac Cragg Smith. Looking at Isaac's signatures on his will, he wrote his initial "I" with a long downward sweep to the left, and it is easy to interpret this as a "J". Isaac Cragg Smith was heir of two of his uncles - Charles Smith (1755-1827), and Isaac Smith (1753-1831). Charles was a wholesale watchmaker of Bunhill Row London, and it was his father Charles (1724-1801), who was a first cousin of Elizabeth Batts who married Captain James Cook. Isaac Cragg was a watchmaker, working with his uncle Charles, as was his father John Cragg, and the Cragg family moved into Bunhill Row. Isaac being the only son of John Cragg, and his uncles Charles and Isaac Smith dying childless, it was uncle Charles's wish that Isaac take his surname Smith, to become Isaac Cragg Smith, and he inherited the business at Bunhill Row.