The Crew


The lists below contain only the officers and persons who played significant roles during the three voyages. There are too many other crew members to include everyone here. A complete list can be found on the Musters page,

Elsewhere on this website are Profiles and Family Trees of some of the people listed. Look out for the links marked and .

The Crew of Cook's First Voyage 1768-1771

  HMB Endeavour
Captain James Cook
Lieutenants Zachary Hicks 
  John Gore 
Midshipmen Charles Clerke 
  William Harvey 
  James Magra 
  Patrick Saunders
  John Bootie 
  Jonathan Monkhouse 
Master Robert Molyneux
Boatswain John Gathrey
Quartermasters  Alexander Weir
  Samuel Evans
Carpenter John Satterley
Sailmaker John Ravenhill
Gunner Stephen Forwood 
Cook John Thompson
Surgeon William Monkhouse 
i/c Marines John Edgcumbe
Astronomer Charles Green 
Naturalists Joseph Banks 
  Daniel Solander
  Hermann Sporing
Artists Sydney Parkinson 
  Alexander Buchan 


The Crews of Cook's Second Voyage 1772-1775

  HMS Resolution HMS Adventure
Captain James Cook Tobias Furneaux 
Lieutenants Robert Cooper  Arthur Kempe   
  Richard Pickersgill  James Burney 
  Charles Clerke   
Midshipmen James Colnett  Thomas Woodhouse
  William Harvey  Love Constable 
  Isaac Manley  Samuel Kemp 
  Thomas Willis  George Moorey 
  Joseph Price Henry Lightfoot
  Charles Loggie  John Lambrecht 
Master Joseph Gilbert  Peter Fannen 
Boatswain James Grey Edward Johns
Quartermasters Francis Scarnell Robert Moody
  Patrick Whelan Francis Murphy
  Anthony Atkin Francis Treneer
  Samuel Bordall Robert Barber
  John Ellwell  
  John Lockton  
Carpenter James Wallis William Offord
Sailmaker Richard Rollett  Andrew Hill
Gunner Robert Anderson Andrew Gloag 
Cook John Ramsay Mortimer Mahoney
Surgeon James Patton  Thomas Andrews 
i/c Marines John Edgcumbe James Scott
Astronomer William Wales  William Bayly 
Naturalists Johann Forster   
  Georg Forster   
  Anders Sparrman  
Artist William Hodges   


The Crews of Cook's Third Voyage 1776-1780

  HMS Resolution HMS Discovery
Captains James Cook Charles Clerke 
  Charles Clerke  John Gore 
  John Gore  James King 
Lieutenants James King  James Burney 
  John Gore  John Rickman 
  John Williamson  
  William Harvey   
  James Burney   
Midshipmen William Charlton  Edward Riou 
  Richard Hergest  George Vancouver
  William Midd Alexander Mouat  
  James Trevenen   John Martin  
  William Shuttleworth  William Harvey 
  John Hatley    
  John Watts   
  James Ward   
Master William Bligh  Thomas Edgar 
Boatswain William Ewin Aneas Aitken
Quartermasters Patrick Whelan William Hollamby  
  John Brown William Stevens
  Thomas Roberts  
Carpenter James Cleveley  Peter Reynolds
Sailmaker William Widdall William Hillsey 
Gunner Robert Anderson William Peckover 
Cook Robert Morris Robert Goulding
Surgeon William Anderson  John Law 
  John Law  David Samwell 
i/c Marines Molesworth Phillips  James Kich
Astronomer   William Bayly 
Artist John Webber   


John Robson


Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1913, volume 25, number 1 (2002).
Corrected in Cook's Log, page 1963, volume 25, number 3 (2002)
Explanation added in Cook's Log, page 1963, volume 25, number 4 (2002)

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