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October 2001

1 President's message
2 Changing the Name of the Association
3 Proposal To Change The Bylaws
4 Thomas Edgar, of Lydd
5 Purchasing Cook Articles
6 Golf Course Proposed at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
7 New and Recent Issues
8 Taken From The Life...
The Farquhar Collection of North Pacific Drawings by John Webber
9 "From Longitude to Empire" - A Dissertation on Cook
10 My Trip To Unalaska
11 Captain Cook Avenue, Sri Lanka
12 Cook Books - Part 64
13 The Transits of Venus: 1761, 1769, 2004 and 2012
14 Cook and Dusky
15 The story of Cook v. Dolphin !
16 Captain Cook Statue at Gisborne To Go?
17 Cook's Beach, Mercury Bay
18 Francis Masson
19 The Figurehead of the Resolution
20 "From Longitude to Empire" - A Dissertation Reviewed
21 Exploring the Possible Remains of the Endeavour
22 Log Lines - new members, etc.
23 Another Endeavour Replica Being Built
24 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during July to September, 1776
25 The CCSU in the UK


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