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4 June, 1770


On 4 June, 1770, James Cook wrote “At day light in the Morning we were abreast of... a Lofty promontary that I named Cape Gloucester... on the west side of the Cape the land trends away SW and SSW and forms a deep bay, the land in the bottom of this bay we I could but just see from the Mast head... Without waiting to look into this Bay which I call'd Edgcumbe Bay we continued our Course to the westward... At 6 oClock... we were abreast of the western point of land... which I have named Cape Upstart because being surrounded with low land, it starts or riseth up singley at the first making of it... Having past this Cape we continued standing to the west north-west”.

William Henry, Duke of Gloucester, a younger brother of King George III.  It is not the modern day Cape Gloucester.

Lord George Edgcumbe was commander-in-chief at Plymouth.


Joseph Banks wrote “Hills in the morn were high and steep but they soon fell into very low land to all apprearance barren. The water began now to be discolourd and an appearance of Islands was seen ahead which made us look out for more sholes. At noon one smoak was seen behind some hills inland. At night we passd pretty neara head land which appeard miserably rocky and barren. Much seaweed with very fine leaves passd by the ship all day”.

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